Roberts Timber Company Inc. began building forestry roads as a means to export timber from the woods. Due to Mark Robert's, background in construction, he decided to buy his own bulldozer. Constructing our roads in house was convenient and cost efficient.
Mark was soon contacted by Georgia Pacific Corp and began building forestry roads for their other operations. Weyerhaeuser Co. (formerly Proctor and Gamble) also contracted with Roberts Timber Company to design, layout and construct their forestry roads.
During the early 1990's, environmental issues were having a major effect on how forestry roads were build. Anything that was being produced for international export had to meet strict environmental codes. This included the harvesting of timber. As forestry roads are one of the major contributors to erosion, new guidelines were being made. 
Mark was contacted by the Georgia Forestry Association to contribute to the revision of the Best Management Practices (BMP) handbook of Georgia.  He was also contacted by the Georgia Forestry Association and the University of Georgia to perform the actual construction of a forestry road. This construction was filmed and made into a training video to show how to utilize the BMP standards.
To date Roberts Timber Company Inc., has built over 4,000 miles of forestry roads and should be your first choice for all of your recreational and forestry needs.