Miscellaneous Services

Though logging and grading is our specialty, we have become diversified through the years.
For more than 20 years we have built and installed custom gates. We construct our gates out of steel and set them in concrete. Because they are fabricated in-house we can customize the length as well as color. We have also installed wooden and wire fencing.
Roberts Timber Company offers mowing and grassing services. We have mowers of various sizes and mow fields and/or roads. Grassing can be done for temporary purposes or permanent planting with seed, fertilizer and mulch. We typically grass roads after construction or logging and food plots.
Roberts Timber Company has also done demolition work. We have deconstructed houses, buildings, cooling towers and more. Because of our wide array of services, we have the equipment to demolish a structure, the trucks to haul it off site, equipment to grade the area and the means to grass the newly cleaned and leveled lot.
Roberts Timber Co Inc is a start to finish land development company.