Our grinding operation consists of a tractor mounted grinder and a tub grinder.  The tractor mounted grinder is set on a rubber tire tractor which causes less land disturbance. It can grind up to an eight inch diameter tree.  This grinder is best used to clean up overgrown areas or post logging sites.  By grinding the debris rather than piling and burning you are creating mulch that will regenerate the soil.  It, in effect, speeds up the composting process.
Our tub grinder is better suited for large jobs where a good deal of debris has been collected.  We have a set up at several landfills to consolidate their ever growing piles of natural materials. We've also worked at mills where crates or pallets have collected and were in need of disposal. We have chip vans that we can load the mulched product into for removal from the job site.
Both forms of grinding or mulching are eco-friendly options to dispose of excess natural debris.  
Due to the variation of each job site please call for specific pricing. 
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